We are Bravo Group.

A leading Genoa based shipbroking company.

Founded in 1983 as oil shipment specialists and with almost 40 years experience which enables us to offer comprehensive chartering services to all of our Clients.

Our group currently has three dedicated branches offering specific solutions for every type of ship and cargo.

The group understands its clients’ market needs in whatever sector they operate and offers them around the clock service adhering to the highest standards of professionality and business ethics.

Feel free to contact us if you need any information.

Bravo Tankers

Head office:
16121 Genoa (Italy)
Piazza della Vittoria 15/26

Bravo Tankers Spa
Telephone: +39 010 5606 200
Fax: +39 010 5606 299
Chartering: bravo@bravotankers.com
S&P: snp@bravotankers.com
Operations: ops@bravotankers.com
Claims: claims@bravotankers.com
Accounting: backoffice@bravotankers.com

Partita IVA: IT 02501050104

Bravo Chem

Head office:
16121 Genoa (Italy)
Piazza della Vittoria 15/26

Bravo Chem Srl
Telehone: +39 010 5606 300
Fax: +39 010 5959 479
E-mail: info@bravo-chem.it

Partita IVA: IT 03509020107

Bravo Tankers Sa

Head office:
1204 Geneva (Switzerland)
Grand-Rue 8

Bravo Tankers SA
Telephone: +41 91 911 7330
Chartering: chartering@bravotankers.ch
Accounting: accounting@bravotankers.ch

Bravo Tankers Sa

Head office:
21 Waterway Avenue Suite 300,
The Woodlands, TX 77380, USA
E-mail: lng@bravogroupusa.com

Bravo Dinner Party 2019

Genoa – 27/06/2019